In January 2020, right before the pandemic started, 1,000 feet of lumber cost around $315. In January 2022, 1,000 feet of lumber cost around $1,200. This is a 400% increase in just two years. If a class A office property needs lumber for a tenant improvement, the lumber will cost 4 times as much as it did just 2 years ago. This type of increase is also passed on to all types of construction products that use lumber.

You should also make sure you are ready to be a homebuyer. While it is advantageous to get a mortgage when rates are low, first ensure it makes sense for your budget and long-term financial goals. Rates will also vary by lender and other factors such as down payment and credit score.

Buyers viewed just eight homes before making their purchase

Three out of the eight homes were only viewed virtually


Today, homebuyers have more and more ways to view houses online. They can view high-resolution photos, view videos and go on virtual tours. The study found that among the eight homes viewed by buyers, three were viewed only online through virtual or video tours, or virtual open houses.

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Our winterizing your home checklist will help you keep your house cozy and safe from winter’s frigid assault. Insulate Windows Winter drafts can drive up your energy bill — and detract from the cozy vibe you want inside your home when it’s cold outside — if your windows have any air leaks. But by reducing drafts you can lower your home’s energy costs by up to 20% per year, according to the U.S. Energy Department, while also making your living space more comfortable. Here are five simple solutions (all under $8!) that will allow you to insulate your windows quickly:
All of this time at home working, schooling or just stressing has led to nearly 7 in 10 consumers (69 percent) saying they “just want to curl up in a cozy bed/blanket right now,” according to the September Coronavirus Response Survey. For 86 percent of consumers, quality sheets and bedding aid in better sleep, according to the 2020 Home Textiles survey. And 73 percent say 100 percent cotton is important in home textiles, as they see the role fiber plays in softness, quality, function and comfort. Further, 78 percent of consumers are willing to pay more for quality.
Smart strategies to avoid overspending or buying the wrong house in a competitive market
Winter is traditionally real estate's slow season. Between the cold weather and the holidays, the housing market typically plunges into a hibernation of sorts, with both buyers and sellers shelving any major real estate moves until spring. So if you've assumed you should put your home-selling plans on hold until spring, read on for a surprising reality check on all the reasons this winter could be a great time to put your house on the market.